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Startups meet VCs meet CTOs


The dating game is the best way to meet VC’s and startups
Mike Butcher, TechOpenAir Festival, 2014


This is truly SXSW - and an amazing example of how famous TV Formats can find their way into startup events
Martina Richter (HMR), SXSW, 2014


The Startup Dating Game perfectly fits the unique SXSW atmosphere - it's entertaining, it's sexy and it's unpredictable.
Claudia Pelzer (Ufa Lab), SXSW, 2014


Mit dem Startup Dating Game hat sich NRW bei der SXSW von seiner besten Seite gezeigt: Selbstbewusst, heiter, fantasievoll, vielfältig, erfolgreich und weltoffen. Die Macher haben rund um das Format ein dichtes Netz an guten Kontakten geknüpft. Das Startup Dating Game war ein echter Publikumsmagnet für das German Haus in Austin.
Claudia Nussbauer (MWEIMH), SXSW, 2014


Finally an event beyond common pitches that focuses on the core of it all: personal talks. It's awesome. It's real fun. A big thank you to the Startup Dating Game Team and the sponsors who provided C3S with some generous prizes!
Wolfang Senges (c3S), SXSW, 2014


Meet your CTO! Meet your Startup! Meet your VC!

Take three ambitious startups, let them pitch to one successful VC, hidden behind a wall ... and watch the magic happen! The Startup Dating Game has it all: wit, laughter, entertainment - and a matchmaking like you´ve never experienced before.

Join us, ask yourself "Who is your Herzblatt?" and enjoy the show.

An event like German beer:

Hand-picked startups meet high-class investors in the most candid way: Questions never asked before reveal insights never given before. Who’s the perfect match for you?
Join our event series that has already made dreams come true for so many founders and investors: Matchmaking with inspiring people in a creative and fun environment. A direct analog synthesis (DAS) of efficiency, humor and entertainment.

Dating Game @ SXSW 2014 Dating Game @ SXSW 2014

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Next Event

Wednesday, August 16 7:00PM

IHK Köln

Cologne, Germany

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Round 1 - VC dates Founder

Round 2 - Founder dates VC

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This is the best thing since "The Hoff" brought down the wall. I'm in!


Standard startup pitches are boring - PERIOD! but there's hope - the Startup Dating Game! 30 years after Steve jobs courted bill Gates we present you the 2014 reboot - premiered & battle-tested during last year's tech festival “interactive cologne”. We'll bring you back to this time. We are not searching for farmers or daughters-in-law - we present you the best and only CTO's, founders and VC's you need to meet! Three rounds full of fun, insights and great matches. Meet your CTO! Meet your Startup! Meet your VC!

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